Playground Strikes Again. 

I received a text from husband this afternoon. 

“She fell off parallel bars and dislocated her elbow. I popped it back in. Going to emerg.” 

I promptly left the office before my last patient arrived and met them at the ER.  

Deja vu. 

Elbow swollen. At first I thought she suffered a pulled elbow but husband says she landed on an outstretched arm. The same arm she broke 9 months ago. 


Thankfully the ER  was pretty quiet. We were triaged, seen, x-rayed and casted within two hours. 

While there was no obvious fracture seen her X-ray showed a class “sail sign” which in children is suggestive of a supracondylar fracture.  Leave it to my kid to have a textbook xray. 

She’s in a cast/splint until our next visit to the fracture clinic where they will re- xray her and see where things are at. She’s already decided she wants a pink cast this time. 


The mouths of babes

Husband is at a rehearsal for a show next week. A friend’s band is doing a covers night and they asked him to sing a song so I am home alone tonight with three kids.

Bedtime gets started early here. The baby was in his crib at 6pm with his bottle. The older boy was in the bath and the eldest was I her room writing something.

She came in to show me. “How to be good”.  I was very impressed!  She knows the rules!  Too bad she doesn’t actually follow them!


Listen. No talking back. Do something the firs time you are asked. Do as you are told. Focus your ears. Do not ignore. And all this information is good.

After bath, I read them a few of daddy’s old Smurfs and Ewoks comic books.  Then it was time to get into bed. I told them a make-up story all about Princess Rose and the good transformer who worked with the Prince to rescue her from the bad transformer.  But that story wasn’t enough, so I had to tell another one with Spiderman and how he became Spider-transformer after Optimus Prime injected him with nano-bots to assist the Autobots in taking down the bad transformer.  (Neither kids has seen the Transformer movies, or the cartoon, but their daddy tells them these make-up stories all the time.  I’m sure mine paled in comparison.)

Bedtime seemed to be going so well until it didn’t.  Suddenly neither of them were settling down and my voice started increasing in tone and pitch, and I may have tapped her on the back a little harder than I had intended in an attempt to get her attention and stop sitting up in bed. I’d gotten hit in the face at least three times by the Spiderman doll and clearly had enough and that’s when the waterworks from the girl started:

“You never spend any time with me.”

“I just don’t know what to say to you.”

“Why do you always have to work?”

“Why can’t you just spend all your time with us?”

Oy.  She’s a master manipulator.  At the age of six!

Needless to say, bedtime took about 3 hours.  It’s a little after 9pm, I haven’t had my dinner and I’m seriously considering opening a bottle of wine.

I swear I have no idea how my husband does this on a daily basis. He’s amazing.


With Valentine’s Day coming up, the older two kids have been working on their cards for their classmates.  Daughter got it in her head that I have to make heart-shaped cookies for her entire class.  She has reminded me every day this week.  This morning I received another reminder in the form of a note. She wrote it so I wouldn’t forget to go to the local Bulk Barn and look for a cookie cutter in the shape of a heart.

photo 1(1)Her brother then decided he had to write me a note as well (keep in mind this all went down while I was struggling to get their coats and boots on as we were running late, again!).  He will be 4 years old in April and has only been drawing consistently for a few months.
photo 2(5)

This is only the second smiley face he’s drawn and I am completely in love with it.

So now I must do my duty and get everything I need to make vanilla cookies tonight.


Six year old vandal.


I love Mommy, Daddy. Secret Map.


A teacher from my daughter’s school called me the other day to report an “incident” involving my daughter at recess.

First of all, any phone call from my kid’s school sends my heart rate soaring with that familiar feeling in the pit of my stomach that something is wrong.

Secondly, if the school has to call me in the middle of the workday, it had better be for a darn good reason.

So of course my mind started working as the teacher introduced herself ….

  • Did my kid hit another kid?
  • Did my kid get hurt by another kid?
  • Was there an accident on the playground?
  • Did she wander off at recess?

No actually, my daughter was found using a stick to scratch words on the outdoor gym doors.

  • Oh my god… were they bad words?

The teacher tried not to laugh.  No, they weren’t bad words.  They were, “I love you”, “I love mommy and daddy.” But when the girls were told that what they were doing was wrong, apparently my daughter burst into tears and was devastated that she got in trouble.  The teacher told me my daughter said, “I usually a good girl”.  The teacher said she felt awful after seeing my daughter’s reaction.  She made sure  to tell me that she felt my daughter understood the seriousness of what she had done wrong and had learned her lesson.

When I texted husband (who picked her up from school a half hour before the phone call) he had no idea what had happened.  Daughter apparently felt it wasn’t worth mentioning to her father. The had a talk and he sent her to her room and told her she could draw and write words on her sketch pad and read a book.

When I got home from work she was still in her room.  I asked her to tidy up her Barbie dolls and tended to the baby.  When I returned to her room, not only did she clean up the Barbie dolls, she also tidied up her room!!!  Hmm …. sucking up to mommy maybe?

I took her Barbie dolls away for the night.  There were no promises made on when she’d get them back.  We had a long talk about when and where it’s appropriate to draw and write.  We talked about vandalism and the consequences of it.  The school would have to repaint the doors and it wouldn’t be inappropriate for them to ask us to cover the cost (though I seriously doubt that would happen).  We also talked about listening to our instincts. After I explained what that meant, she admitted that she knew it was wrong to write on the door,  but she did it anyway because her best friend wanted to.  Her best friend ever! (She met this girl in September, remember.) I told her next time to suggest another activity.  She said she was dumb and stupid for doing what she did.  Yeah, she was, but I didn’t agree with her.  She’s six years old for heaven’s sake!! She made a mistake and hopefully learned from it. She’s certainly not dumb nor stupid.

But I am a little miffed with the school.  Back in my day, defacing school property probably meant detention right?  Do they even give detention in grade 1 anymore?


The Map of Evil.

Day 27. National Blog Posting Month

I found this drawing the other night while the kids were going to bed.  Daughter made it.  She said she and her friends play a spy game at recess and she drew the map.  She sounded out all the words herself. Both husband and I were giddy with excitement when we looked at it and told daughter that we wanted to keep it and frame it.  Daughter would have none of that, “But I need it for recess!!!”  She promised us she’d take care of it and when she was done with it we would get to frame it.  I really really hope she takes care of it.  Of all her drawings to date, this one is so much a keeper that I will be forever sad if it gets destroyed.


Daughter’s Map of Evil. Graveyard, Evil Castle, Evil Gate, Ghost Town, Sauron, Zombie. “X” marks the treasure.