The (Almost) Daily Purge.

Day 25. National Blog Posting Month.

Anyone who knows us knows that we have a lot of stuff.  Be it books, DVDs, jackets, shoes, you name it, my house is full of it.  We have a home that looks lived in.  (That’s a nice way of saying messy.)  Anytime we go to our friend’s homes, we realize just how messy we live and we vow to change.

A few weeks ago, husband and I went through our countless bookshelves and selected about 20-30 books that we know we will not read again.  Then we went through the children’s toys and chose several stuffed animals and other toys that haven’t been played with, put them all into garbage bags and together with the books, hauled them off to the local Goodwill. It may not appear to have made much of difference to the outsider’s eye but we have already seen a difference.

And then the Princess had her birthday.  And got all those dolls, and stickers, and tea set.

So, husband took another look at the toy box in the kids’ bedroom and came downstairs with this:


The Princess wasn’t too pleased to be parting with her beloved stuffies (which, by the way she hasn’t been seen playing with in months), but was happy to hear that other boys and girls would get to play with them.  With Christmas coming up, I’m sure there will be plenty more toys for her to play with.  Yay! [insert eyeroll here]

My closet and dresser drawers are the next project, but realistically, it seems prudent to wait until all the baby weight is gone.  So, sometime in 2015 is my guess, but that’s another post.