It’s Coldmageddon!

Day 7 – January Daily Blog Posting Month

I spent the day with my girlfriend, the one who had a little girl a few weeks after I had baby J.  It was lovely, as always, and yes, we watched a few episodes of Veronica Mars.  It was a lazy day, partly because we planned it that way and also because of the frigid temperature outside.

Last night, the temperature plummeted to -27°C and with the windchill it was close to -40°C!  There have been ice quakes in recent days.  Oh, you don’t know what an ice quake is?  Ha! Neither did I! Apparently when the ground water freezes it shifts and expands and… then something happens and a loud bang is heard.  Been hearing a lot of those lately.  Yes, it’s that cold. It’s the kind of cold that goes through you straight into your bones.  Skin can freeze within 5 minutes, or so they say.  I’m not about to test that theory out.

I briefly considered a run.  Nah, not really.

My brother is in Florida.  Lucky bastard! I have been sending him screen shots of the local weather, while he sends me pictures of the beach.  He was due to come home today but decided to change his flight as the airport is apparently a nightmare today because the baggage guys can’t be outside for more than 10 minutes at a time, hence it could be days before he gets his baggage.  My brother is not one to wait days for his baggage claim.

The strange thing though is that this bitter cold isn’t expected to last.  I hear it’s going above zero on the weekend.  How is it that the temperature can change that much over the course of a few days?  Is this the beginning of a major shift in the Earth’s temperature?  Like what was depicted in the movie, “The Day After Tomorrow“?  Are we headed for the next ice age?

Nah…it’s just a cold winter.

Settle down folks.  I jest.