Day 16 – National Blog Posting Month

Pretty much this.

caffeineloadingKids were up early. Mommy and daddy slept in. Big sister made breakfast for herself and brothers (read: juice box, cheese and yogurt). Only decaffeinated coffee left. Hustled everyone in the car. Late for school drop-off. Drove to shopping center. Ahh …. coffee.

That was my morning.

How was yours?

Thursday Mishmash.

Woke up this morning to a very large blanket of snow.  The kids of course were just beside themselves with glee to look out the window and see nothing but a white winter wonderland. So excited were they that when I came down to breakfast their snow-pants, jackets and boots were lying on the floor all ready to go.  I called them, “Flat N” and “Flat J” and then explained how runners showcase their gear the night before a race. Like this:

Amidst the hustle and bustle of getting everyone ready this morning I was still coughing and my chest felt like it was on fire. So after we got everyone to school I went to the local clinic and had a chest x-ray.  I’m sure it’ll be negative but I’ve been coughing for almost five weeks and I’m getting sick of it, pardon the pun.  All three kids are sick and I’m pretty sure the baby (well, now a toddler) has an ear infection so husband is bringing him to the pediatrician this afternoon.

I’m sitting in my office now as patient after patient cancels their appointments today due to the inclement weather.  It really is quite pretty out there.  After I got the x-ray I walked into the local coffee shop (a Starbucks which normally I try to avoid) and got a Peppermint Mocha.  Holy good God in Heaven.  Pure joy.  There is something about peppermint and chocolate around the holiday season that gets me every time.

photo(27)I think I’m ready for a nap now.

Morning Ritual.

Day 6 – National Blog Posting Month

I have this routine when I arrive at the office every morning.  Husband drops me off in front of my office building and I take a short walk to the local bakery store. Most mornings at the house are pretty hectic so I usually have time to get a coffee into me and little else.  I know this isn’t healthy but it’s just the way it is right now. So by the time I get to the office I’m hungry.  Walking into a bakery hungry is never a good idea.  Ever.

I have a weak spot for the pain de chocolat.  I’ve had three this week alone.  And I wonder why that last 5-10 lbs isn’t coming off! Actually, I don’t wonder at all.

I quite enjoy the short walk every morning.  Gives me some time alone before the onslaught of patients and their problems.  The fresh air is so nice this time of year. It’s crisp and a bit cool but not bone-chilling cold yet. I seem some regular faces on the street and we acknowledge one another with a slight nod of the head.  I get the sense that these folks are enjoying a quiet moment as well.




A Mishmash.

Day 17. National Blog Posting Month.

I don’t know what this post is going to be about – I am just starting to write and will see where it takes me. Hold on, folks!!

Yesterday I went for my 3rd run.  The aim was 3km.  I tuck my phone in my pocket with the GPS running but the only voice prompts I get are the minutes elapsed, so I have no idea how far I’m going.  Based on my 2nd run which was 2.72 km, I went the same route initially, then a bit further in order to try to make 3 km.  My first interval was 3:1 (run/walk).  It felt good.  But then the shins started burning.  I was forced to scale back to 2:2 intervals.  By the time I made it home the burn was constant.  When I looked at my GPS tracker it said 2.9km.  Dammit!!  So close!!


I took the kids to visit their great-grandmother in the nursing home.  It was a very nice visit – the older two are always happy to go because they know they’re going to get treats (ie. little mint candies that my aunt leaves for my grandmother).  There’s also a vending machine there and the toddler just about loses his shit watching the mechanical arm catch the bottle of apple juice. It’s really quite funny.  My grandmother always has some gem to relate to me about the baby — his ears have to be covered or he’ll catch a cold; I shouldn’t carry him in such-and-such a way or it’ll stunt his growth.  I really have to bite my tongue with her, but she’s old and stubborn and has Alzheimer’s so I just let her talk.  I love seeing her with the kids though, she laughs and smiles. Sadly, I don’t remember her being that happy when I was growing up.


I think I mentioned previously that I waste a lot of time on Pinterest.  Mostly I browse through Geek, Health & Fitness, Quotes, and Humor.  Recently there’s been a few pins that I thought I’d share here, because they speak to me on many levels.


My daughter to her little brothers.

I’m not the pushover some people think I am.

I love how far we’ve come in such a short period of time.

You know who you are.

And last, but not least …



Kids get up really early.  Like, 6am, early.  Especially when the bedtime shenanigans mean they’re finally asleep by 8:30pm when the norm in this household is 7pm.

Last night was epic.  Husband usually does the bedtime routine as the baby usually starts cluster feeding at exactly the same time.  Last night he was getting ready to go to a concert, so I took over bedtime.  Baby was surprisingly asleep.  The kids were overtired so you can imagine the disaster that ensued.  (I say disaster, but husband just calls it routine.)  The kids are used to their dad putting them to bed, so they kept asking for him.

Bedtime took almost two hours!  Eventually, husband left with our friends and I was left with a cold pizza for dinner, one child (the eldest) asleep on the top bunk and the toddler playing quietly in the room with the lights on.

Oh, and did I mention I was just a teensy bit stressed that one child was still awake?  I was hungry, had a baby attached to my breast for well over an hour and emotions were running high.  I retreated to my basement cave, drank a glass of wine, had my cold pizza and started a Smallville marathon while listening to the toddler do God-knows-what in the bedroom.  I could hear him talking about stars on the floor and it was close to 8:45pm by now, so I decided it was time to put him back to bed.

By the time I got halfway up the stairs, he was coming down with a mischievous grin on his face.  “Back to bed, momma?” he said. As we went into his room, I saw that he had put a lot of little purple shiny flower stickers on the bedroom floor by the door. I tried to stifle a laugh.

What a toddler does when he's supposed to be sleeping.

What a toddler does when he’s supposed to be sleeping.

His big sister was sound asleep on the top bunk, bright lights on and all.  Quite the amusing sight.  I gently put the little guy back to bed on the bottom bunk and explained that his big sister was asleep, it was time for bed and he was not to turn on the light again or I would put him in the crib (which he now hates).  I left the room and waited at the top of the stairs.  No signs of movement (or mischief) after five minutes.

Ah … the pleasant sound of silence.  Finally.

I was soon fast asleep (so much for that marathon viewing of Smallville).  The baby woke up a few times which is pretty typical, then I was jolted awake at 6am by the sounds of the toddler falling out of the bottom bunk.  By the time I got up the stairs, husband was with them and all was fine.  Unfortunately, the kids were now awake and as husband had only been home for a few hours, he needed sleep, so the kids came to see me in the basement.  I’ve been watching Thomas the Tank Engine for the past hour and a half.

I need coffee, preferably via IV drip.  Anyone?