Back to Reality.

Day 15. National Blog Posting Month.

Back to life, back to reality. There really is a song for every occasion, isn’t there?

I’m at the airport. Just went through security where I had to take off everything but the shirt off my back.  Seriously – boots, coat, scarf, belt. I joked with the security officer – “Pants and sweater too?”  He didn’t look too pleased.  The gentleman before me was transporting a small cooler that had a large sticker on it, “DO NOT X-RAY”.  OOOH!  Is there an organ in there? I was so tempted to ask.

So, I’ve been in “doctor mode” for the past few days, talking with my friends about patient encounters, tossing stories back and forth about the difficult patients. I haven’t had to put on the “mommy” hat or the “wife” hat and if I’m honest with myself I have to admit that the break has been nice.  Husband is exhausted – I can hear it in his texts.  The “mommy” hat will go on the second I open that car door and here, “Mommy!!!  Hi Mommy!!!”  I can’t wait to see the kids. While I didn’t really miss them per se, I did miss seeing their little faces.  I feel refreshed despite still coughing up a lung (stupid bronchitis!) every now and then. I’m ready to put on the other hats.  I’m just going to enjoy this last few hours of quiet contemplation.

See you tomorrow!

Ten Thoughts Tuesday

Day 4 – National Blog Posting Month

I’ve got a super busy day ahead and have about ten minutes to get this one out.

1. Stomach viruses are the worst.  Especially when they happen to a 13 month old.

2. Stomach viruses suck when you’re an adult and have to work all day long.

3. Breaking bad habits are hard. I guess that’s why they are bad habits, but they will be conquered.  I’m on day 4!

4. Coffee tastes really good.

5. Just when I think I am out, I get pulled back in.

6. I’m looking forward to my conference out-of-town next week but also feeling tremendous guilt for leaving the kids and the husband.

7. Did I mention how much I’m looking forward to the conference next week?

8. Wine is good.

9. It’s a lovely fall day, mild for this time of year and I’m going to enjoy every minute of it.

10. Thinking of what to write every day for a month is going to be tough.