The Medium Is the Message

Day 17 – January Daily Blog Posting Month

The irony is not lost on me.

I succumbed.


I bought an e-reader today.

I wrote a while back that I have not been reading books of late and it was something that really bothered me.  My attention span seems non-existent these days and I blame the Internet.  Well, my smart phone, specifically.  So, the other day at our local wholesale store, I saw the Kobo and started thinking I might read more using a “device”, since I use my phone so much at nighttime anyway.

As an experiment, I downloaded the Kobo App to my phone and bought a cheap mystery novel.  Over the past two nights, I’ve read four chapters.  Perhaps this is the way to go for me?

I’ll keep you posted.

Now to go open it up and figure out how the thing works!