Half way!

I haven’t posted a lot about this pregnancy, but as I have come to the half-way mark (20 weeks), I felt the need to.

Wow, 20 weeks.  This child is coming!  I can’t believe how fast the time is going.  Just yesterday, it seems, I discovered I was pregnant and the panic set in.  Now, this little one is just four and a half months away from making his/her entrance.

I hope he/she is ready!

Older brother and sister are forces to be reckoned with.  This little one is going to have to adapt, and adapt quickly!  Husband jokes that this one is going to be a lot like Maggie Simpson.  Keeps her mouth shut, but knows everything!

Last week we had our anatomy ultrasound and thankfully, together with the genetic screening, little one appears healthy.  Gender was even revealed to the technician (but not to us!).   Husband doesn’t want to know.  I would have found out had he said he did too.  As this is the LAST baby I am going to have (yes, I do mean LAST!!), I figured why mess with the status quo?  We didn’t find out for the last two pregnancies, so we won’t for this one.  (But, I did ask the tech to write the gender on a piece of paper and seal it in an envelope.)  I haven’t opened the envelope.  I suppose I wanted the option of finding out if I changed my mind.  I still haven’t decided if I’m going to.  I really did enjoy the surprise at delivery and I’m not sure I want to give that up, again, as this is the LAST pregnancy I intend on having.

So, I have no idea who is growing inside me.  Some days I am thinking it’s a girl, other days I’m sure it’s a boy.  It really doesn’t matter.  I just can’t wait to meet him/her.