Bring it on, Bitch!

I just looked at my Nike+ app to see how many kilometers I’ve logged this month.

55.5 km.

It’s a little bit less than the previous few months which have averaged between 60-70 km.   I did manage two 10k runs this month which I’m pretty happy about, and I’ve even shaved off about 4 minutes  since my first effort back in July. My current PB for 10km is 1:11:16.


I briefly flirted with the idea of increasing my distance to 15k but wisely reconsidered after some discussion with my Facebook running group.  The 10k distance is still pretty new and I think I should focus on making it easier to run before increasing the distance.

I’d also like to break into the 6 min/km range.  Back in August, I started incorporating hill repeats into my runs. I’ve read that hill repeats and can help make your pace faster. I probably did too many too soon without enough rest periods in between because my shins started bothering me.  So much so that I ended up convincing myself that I needed a new pair of shoes.  I had logged about 300km on my Asics, so this seemed like a reasonable thought.  But interestingly enough, the shin problem settled down when I stopped running the hills.  Or maybe it was the new shoes?  Hmm …

The thing is –  I like the hills.  They are a royal bitch but I like the workout I get.  I like the sense of accomplishment when I concur the repeat; I like feeling that burn in my quads and the pounding of my heart like it’s about to leap out of my chest.  It’s the best kind of workout after a rough day at the office.  It’s punishing. It’s invigorating. It’s hard. It cleanses the soul.


As for my pacing, I think the month of hills actually did help.  My average pace in August was 7:39 min/km; in September it was 7:35 and now in October it’s 7:20.  Slowly but surely, I am making progress.

So the next time I take on a hill, I say, “bring it on, bitch!”

A Little Worried.

I fear I may have overdone it with the running.

This week I did two runs, each 4km. The first was a steady run for 30 minutes and the second was mainly hills that I ran for a steady 25 minutes.

I’ve been have some discomfort in my Achilles’ tendon since the run in the snow two weeks ago. I felt it bother me near the end of the 6km run last weekend. After the first 4km run this week it was feeling good; a bit sore but not painful. A different story after the hills run. It’s been aching for two days. I have iced and taken anti-inflammatories. I’ve taken two days off running and have planned another 6km run on the weekend.

I really hope I haven’t developed tendonitis and a repetitive strain injury.

That would really suck.

Another Hurdle!

Day 29 – January Daily Blog Posting Month.

I’ve got a cold. My nose is a leaky faucet of mucus and I’m coughing up stuff. My head feels thick. I blame the middle child as he’s had the same for the past 10 days.

I woke up today feeling awful but had to get out of bed to help husband round-up the kids for school. After everyone was dropped off husband and I took the baby downtown to a shopping mall.

You know some days you try on clothes and nothing feels or looks right? Well, today that didn’t happen. I scored some great deals on a few tops and a kick ass pair of CK jeans. Here’s a shot of one of the tops I picked up.


It’s so gratifying to try on clothes and not think you look awful in everything. The exercising and healthy dinners and my no-dessert rule has made such a huge difference this past month. Not only am I losing weight but I feel good. The kale salads we are having 2-3 times a week are so hearty and filling that I don’t miss the big meals we used to have.

So, to keep the momentum of feeling good going, I decided to go for a run and focused on hill training. Keep in mind it’s -12°C outside today with a windchill of -23°C. I was bundled up and got warm pretty fast, except for my cheeks.  I might have a touch of frostbite.  I ran to a local hill and took it up and down six times and … Wait for it … I did it (total 3.64km) in 33 minutes with no walking intervals!!!!!

Most of my runs before getting pregnant were 5:1s and 10:1s and the longest I could go without walking was about 20 minutes.  I probably could have run longer, I just never tried.

I am so stoked right now, I can’t describe how happy I am and how proud of myself I am.

Yay me!!!