A New Year.

It was my birthday yesterday.

I took the day off work.  I have a tradition of attending a spa on my birthday.  I’ve been doing it for the last 5 years or so.  Yesterday was no different.  I spent the afternoon relaxing at a wonderful hotel spa in the city with my sister-in-law.  We were pampered with pedicures and massages with lunch and sparkling wine.  It was so relaxing, in fact, that I fell asleep in the relaxation lounge.  Sadly, I didn’t enjoy their waters because I was a moron and forgot my swimsuit. But tell me this isn’t the most relaxing pool you’ve ever seen.

My day was capped off with a BBQ at home with friends and family.  There really is nothing better than sitting in your backyard, enjoying good food and wine and laughing your ass off with friends.  I feel truly blessed for the circle of friends I have.

Good friends are like fine wine, they only get better with age.  Thank you for a truly wonderful day.