Another Hurdle!

Day 29 – January Daily Blog Posting Month.

I’ve got a cold. My nose is a leaky faucet of mucus and I’m coughing up stuff. My head feels thick. I blame the middle child as he’s had the same for the past 10 days.

I woke up today feeling awful but had to get out of bed to help husband round-up the kids for school. After everyone was dropped off husband and I took the baby downtown to a shopping mall.

You know some days you try on clothes and nothing feels or looks right? Well, today that didn’t happen. I scored some great deals on a few tops and a kick ass pair of CK jeans. Here’s a shot of one of the tops I picked up.


It’s so gratifying to try on clothes and not think you look awful in everything. The exercising and healthy dinners and my no-dessert rule has made such a huge difference this past month. Not only am I losing weight but I feel good. The kale salads we are having 2-3 times a week are so hearty and filling that I don’t miss the big meals we used to have.

So, to keep the momentum of feeling good going, I decided to go for a run and focused on hill training. Keep in mind it’s -12°C outside today with a windchill of -23°C. I was bundled up and got warm pretty fast, except for my cheeks.  I might have a touch of frostbite.  I ran to a local hill and took it up and down six times and … Wait for it … I did it (total 3.64km) in 33 minutes with no walking intervals!!!!!

Most of my runs before getting pregnant were 5:1s and 10:1s and the longest I could go without walking was about 20 minutes.  I probably could have run longer, I just never tried.

I am so stoked right now, I can’t describe how happy I am and how proud of myself I am.

Yay me!!!