Tuesday Morning.

(Stumbling out of bed headed to the baby’s room).  “N…. N….!!!”

“Yeah, Mommy?”

“Time to get dressed for school!”

(Groaning) “Awwww… but I just started playing!”

“Get dressed please.”

(Walking into the baby’s room) “Good morning, little man!”

“Babba dadda mama mama mama hi mama mama!”

(Daughter walks in, naked) “Mommy, can I wear a dress today?”

“No, sweetie.  It’s very cold out. Put on pants and a sweater and warm socks.”

“Okay. Oh and mommy, this is my friend Lily.” (She gestures to the empty air beside her.)

“Hi Lily.”

“Lily is my imaginary friend.”

(Changing the baby’s bottom) “Okay, honey. Go get dressed please”

“Can Lily stay and watch you change J’s bum?”

“Sure.  Lily you can stand there while I change J’s bum. Wait, is Lily dressed for school?”


“Okay, well  you go get dressed and then head downstairs for breakfast.”

(Daughter leaves the room)

(Son walks in, gesturing with his imaginary bow and arrow) “Hi Mommy.”

“Hi honey.  What have you got there?”

“Oh this is my bowen arrow.”

“Your what?”

“My bowen arrow.”

“What are you shooting at?”


“Hmm… can you put it away and take Lily downstairs for breakfast?”

(Without a pause)  “Okay Lily, let’s go downstairs.”

(Meanwhile on the change table) “Baba dada mama mama mama buh buh buh hi.”

“I need coffee.”

Morning Ritual.

Day 6 – National Blog Posting Month

I have this routine when I arrive at the office every morning.  Husband drops me off in front of my office building and I take a short walk to the local bakery store. Most mornings at the house are pretty hectic so I usually have time to get a coffee into me and little else.  I know this isn’t healthy but it’s just the way it is right now. So by the time I get to the office I’m hungry.  Walking into a bakery hungry is never a good idea.  Ever.

I have a weak spot for the pain de chocolat.  I’ve had three this week alone.  And I wonder why that last 5-10 lbs isn’t coming off! Actually, I don’t wonder at all.

I quite enjoy the short walk every morning.  Gives me some time alone before the onslaught of patients and their problems.  The fresh air is so nice this time of year. It’s crisp and a bit cool but not bone-chilling cold yet. I seem some regular faces on the street and we acknowledge one another with a slight nod of the head.  I get the sense that these folks are enjoying a quiet moment as well.




Early Mornings.

Day 5 – January Daily Blog Posting Month

The kids woke up at 6am this morning. Now, normally they are content to play in their room for the better part of an hour, sometimes more. Today was not that day.

By 7 am both kids were headed down to the basement. Rather than be the delinquent mother I normally am, I hopped out of bed mostly because we got a new piece of exercise gear from my parents and I had visions of the kids trying to play with it and disaster ensuing.  But, when I got down to the basement, they were playing with the keyboard and dancing.  Good kids they are!

Yesterday I got out for my first run of the year.  When I started out, I felt amazing and thought I could get to 5km but by 20 minutes in and my 4th or 5th 4:1 (run/walk) interval, it was pretty clear to me that 5km would not be feasible. I managed 4.15 km in 33 minutes.  Still, I noticed a big difference in my endurance and the feel of my legs after only just 4 days of the squat challenge and pilates.  Muscle memory must be real because I certainly felt stronger and if I do say so myself, I think I am  trimming down inch by blessed inch already.

The kids have been cooped up a lot this week.  Between the ice storm, Christmas, frigid cold temperatures and visiting their grandparents, they need to get out.  So, we are off this morning to do some grocery shopping and after that to the indoor park at our local mall.  I am seriously hoping I can squeeze in a nap.

Wish me luck!