Open Letter(s) Wednesday

Dear Cast Technician,



Thank you for the wonderful job you did yesterday changing my daughter’s cast but we, her parents, didn’t really appreciate being completely ignored.  In the future, both my husband and I would appreciate you also explaining cast care to us because although the patient, our daughter, may appear to be listening to you and nodding her head, you have to realize that a 5-year-old has the attention span of a newt and she isn’t going to remember anything you said.


Dr. Mom


Dear Resident in the ER,

Thank you for seeing my patient, however, how you managed to confuse a brain tumor with a skin condition is beyond me.  Your consult note says my patient had a brain tumor removed a few years ago.  Really? Are you sure it wasn’t a basal cell carcinoma?  Suddenly my patient’s weakness and dizziness takes on a whole other thing when you write that she had a brain tumor.  She did not have a brain tumor removed. When she pointed to her forehead and said she had a cancer removed, you should have asked her to be more specific.  Getting a patient’s medical history is the first thing we learn in medical school!

Please amend the patient’s history.


The Family Doctor


Dear Gilad,

I love your workouts.  I did the Abs workout last night and, 18 hours later I can barely move my stomach.  Yes!  Thank you so much for kicking my ass last night.



The SixPackIsComingBack!

Open Letter Wednesday

Dear You,

I know you’re there. You come from all over the world. Some of you are oceans and continents away and some of you are around the corner. Whoever, wherever you are this is for you.

I appreciate the time you take out of your busy life to spend a few minutes reading about mine. I hope I provide you with a little perspective on what it’s like to be an urban doctor and a mom. I don’t pretend to have all the answers. I strive to be as honest as I possibly can with myself and with my writing. I don’t pretend to be a prize-winning writer – far from it actually –  yet that doesn’t seem to matter to you and I love that about you.

Don’t be a stranger. Tell me what you think. Challenge me!


Dr. Mom