Binky, Soo-Soo, I love you!

A few days ago, I caved and got my infant son a soother.  He’s 5 weeks old and was starting to use me as a pacifier.  I could not put him down to nap without having him nurse to sleep.  It was becoming exhausting.  My arms hurt. I couldn’t eat dinner with two hands. But more importantly, it was affecting his sleep.

Now, I have nothing against soothers and don’t believe they cause “nipple confusion.”  (I reference La Leche League, but by no means do I agree 100% with their philosophy.)  My daughter took a soother and when it became a crutch (ie. she would wake up the second it fell out of her mouth), we took it away.  My eldest son never took the soother and instead sucks his thumb (which he still does at 2.5 years of age).  The baby could find his thumb right from birth but seems to have forgotten this important skill over the last week or so. Hence, the decision to get him a soother.

Frankly, it has changed my life!

I can now type this post with two hands!!!  I can eat dinner with two hands!!  I can start doing some housework (yippee!!).  Okay, not so thrilled about that last one.

The other big change is that I am no longer acting as the bed for my son.  He’s getting too big to sleep on my chest and he seems uncomfortable, so over the past few days I have started using the bassinet.  He enjoys being swaddled and even sleeping on his stomach, so I am alternating those positions for sleep.  (I like the shape of his head as it is and don’t want him getting a flat spot!).  The downside to having him sleep in the bassinet is that I physically have to get up off the couch (where I am still sleeping) to get him.  It makes my awake time longer and subsequently is more difficult to fall back asleep.  Sigh …. fix one “problem”, cause another.  Oh well, that just means I get to have more naps during the day!