I’ve been reviewed…

… and I passed.

I think. 😉

I will get official confirmation from the College in about a month or so, but according to the doctor who reviewed my charts, he found nothing concerning.

My colleague who just had her review last month told me that I had nothing to worry about.  Deep down I knew that, but it’s still really disconcerting to have another physician read your charts.  There’s always a little part of me that is worried I’m not doing the right thing for my patients, or that I’m not doing enough.

At the end, I asked him if he had any criticism.  He said no.  Then he said, “Just remember not to work harder than your patients.”

Say that again?!

“Don’t work harder than your patients”.

He said it was obvious to him that I have a balanced life – I’m married, have two children (he saw the pictures in my office), I took a good amount of time off to spend with my babies.  He said that sometimes doctors like myself try too hard to fix their patients.  Not everyone can be fixed.  Not everyone wants to be fixed.  He reminded me to be aware of that difference.  It was good advice.