The sound of it is deafening
It’s a comfort I enjoy
As thoughts drift away.

My eyes grow heavy.
Images flash before me.

I am human.
I am flawed.

I see more than you think.
I see more than you know.

Look in the mirror.
I am you, reflecting back.

Close your eyes.

Can you hear me?
Can you see that?

Turn off the light.
Turn up the noise.

We are human.
We are flawed.


Day 27 – January Daily Blog Posting Month


It’s hard to say goodbye in this age
Out of sight yet not out of mind
Our footprints echo for eternity
And I continue to feel watched.
I cause my own discomfort
News filters from the grapevine
Cigarette burns continue to smolder
They hurt and bleed still.
The time has come and gone
Words not spoken, more thoughts are written
Today I turn the page
And close the door for good.