Bad Decisions

Caution: rant ahead.


the act or process of deciding;  determination, as of aquestion or doubt, by making a judgment;
I saw this card on a friend’s FB wall.   Made me laugh out loud.  Made me think of my government.
I’m not a political person, by any stretch of the imagination.  But damn, I wish I was now.  I really think my government is making a bad decision.  It might save money in the short term, but it’s going to worsen health care.  Of that, I am certain.  The government won’t listen to the doctors.  It might listen to its constituents though.  The problem though, is that the constituents aren’t being told the truth.  They are getting a highly slanted view of how we are paid and how much we are paid, without any regard for the fact that we are running small businesses, have staff to pay and exorbitant fees to pay just to be given the privilege of practising medicine.  I don’t expect the majority of the public to really give a rats ass about the impact on doctors, but I do hope they’d care how this will impact their own health care.  Wait times for specialists are going to increase; wait times for diagnostic imaging are going to increase; wait times to see their family doctor are going to increase.  The improvements we’ve seen over the past 5-10 years are about to vanish.  It’s very, very disappointing.