The Lake Calls to Me.

Vacation starts in about an hour.

I am checking out of medicine for 19 days.


The mental break is needed. I know it won’t be a particularly restful vacation – how is it possible with 3 children, the youngest of whom enjoys waking up at the crack of dawn?  But it will be a break from the daily grindhouse, of that I am sure.

It also means a small break from my half-marathon training.  Yes, that is going quite well, but the long runs will take a small backseat over the next two weeks or so.  I will aim to run 3-4 times a week regardless, they just won’t be more than 10k.  I worry about losing momentum but I think I have developed a good base which should carry me through.

I hope to return from the lake with a rested mind. My patients need it. I need it.


Required Rest

Day 22 – National Blog Posting Month

Well it’s been almost another week since I’ve run. I guess my body really did need the rest. Haven’t really been needing to run despite feeling kind of gross with my clothes feeling tighter this week. Meh. Whatever. Honestly, I really shouldn’t complain and I know that. 

Anyway, my girlfriend texted me yesterday to see if I was running today and we made the plans for an easy 5 km run. It was a gorgeous morning and a bit cool so I was happy to wear my new bright running jacket. Little did I know that I would be clashing with the new shoes too.  

We set out doing 10:1 intervals and our pace was pretty good. As we started out second set my friends knee starting bugging her so we slowed to a jog then walked. Our plan for 5 km fell short as we were only able to do 3.55 km and the last kilometer we had to walk. Honestly I was fine with that. It was nice to catch up and talk without feeling like I was going to throw up as I normally run alone so don’t usually need to talk to someone. 

It’s pretty clear to me that my. Indy has been telling me to slow it down since the half marathon so I’m going to listen and take it easy.  I could use more time to work on my cross stitching anyway. 

A Week Was Not Enough.

I forget how fast 7 days can go by. We are back from our week at a cottage rental. The kids had a fantastic time and though the weather could have been a bit better, we all got to enjoy the lake and I even got a tan!

The kids were up at the crack of dawn and were ready to go. Thank goodness this cottage has a phenomenal basement full of toys. It certainly kept the older kids occupied for an hour or two while husband and I struggled to get another hour of sleep. The baby was so incredibly easy. The fresh air made for great naps and he loved crawling in the grass and exploring the ground.

I was hoping that the week off with no running would help with my knee. Sadly, it hasn’t done much. I may not have been running but I certainly was walking up and down stairs a lot and up and down a slopey hill to get to the lake. “Rest” just wasn’t in the cards for me.

A few hours after we got back to the city I suited up for a run to test the knee and quickly realized that I’d made a mistake. I struggled through 3km.

So, having gone from this:


And too much of this:


I am now sitting with an ice pack on my knee and swallowing my pride. I guess my body wasn’t as ready as I thought it was for 10km.


Looks like I’ll be seeing the physiotherapist this week.