A New Challenge

My girlfriend talked me into joining her on a 90 day workout challenge.  All the videos are on YouTube and the workouts are about 25 minutes long.  We decided to start the challenge this week, on June 30.  I ran 4.77 km then did the workout.  A few of the moves, some sideways lunges and a plank, were a bit tough but overall I felt good.

That is, until about 24 hours later.

Oh. My. God.

I can feel muscles I didn’t know I had! Outer thighs, inner thighs, buttocks, you name it, it’s freakin’ sore as hell!

Sure, it’s the good kind of sore, but seriously?  I’m supposed to do this bloody workout every.single.day?  I was in so much pain that I skipped day 2 and I seriously doubt I can do day 3.  Epic fail, right?

I do intend on going for a run tonight.  I think it’ll help the muscles.

But seriously, owie.


My Running Mojo ….

…. it’s back!

And it feels amazing.

After my epiphany last weekend, I’ve gone out twice more and have felt great.  The baby has also started sleeping through the night this past week, so I’m pretty sure that is playing a huge role in how I’ve been feeling.

Remember this post about sleep and weight loss?  Well, I have to say that after four solid nights of sleeping 8 hours, I am feeling sveltier than I have in months.  So vain, I know.  But come on, after 3 kids you can imagine the flabbiness, right?  I am down another few pounds and seem well on my way to getting back to the pre-pregnancy-#3 weight.  I will never be the weight I was when I got pregnant with my first child.  That is just so unrealistic.  But, the next 10 lbs seem to be well within my grasp.   For me, it has always been about getting the right amount of sleep, exercise and eating healthy.  I’ve cut back a lot on the sweets and thankfully don’t have to do any crazy fad diets to get the weight off.  Day after day, patient after patient comments on how slim I am looking and while I appreciate the compliments, it is a little strange.  I’d rather show off a picture of my children then discuss my weight, but I genuinely think it comes from a sincere place though it is a bit embarrassing at times.

Anyway, so back to the reason for this post!  Last night I felt like going for a run.  I didn’t know how far I would go, so I just set out with my interval plan and had some good music to go along (Ferry Corsten). My legs felt pretty good overall, though at the beginning the shins and calves were a bit tight.  During the 1 minute walking interval, I often stretch the lower legs out and that has really seemed to help.  By the last interval I felt like I was picking up some speed and felt in the zone.  I have to say, I have not felt that for quite some time.  It was amazing!!!!!

I know I said I wasn’t going to focus on distance or time, but when I was done and went to turn off the apps, I was thrilled to see I had done 5km and even more impressed by the time because it really did feel like I gained some speed during the last kilometer and it was certainly reflected in the split time.

For the first time since I’ve been plagued by injuries, I feel like my legs were made for running again.  I think I’m still feeling the runner’s high.