Ten Thoughts Tuesday.

Day 25. National Blog Posting Month.

1. One month until Christmas. Yay!

2. My right knee aches a bit. This better not be the start of something.

3. I’m hungry.

4. English breakfast tea tastes so much better in my new fancy mug.


5. My 6-year-old looks like a hockey player this morning.


7. Waiting 48 hours for a patient’s test result is slow torture.

8. I’m still on the wagon, so to speak, and am very proud of myself.

9. I am so proud of my 3.5-year-old boy. He wrote his name for the first time and is wearing big boy underwear to preschool today. Apparently he’s been dry at school for a few weeks now, it’s just his lazy parents preventing him from being completely toilet trained. Oops.


10. My knee hurts.

Well deserved.

Day 22. National Blog Posting Month.

I ran 5 km today. First time in almost a month, I am embarrassed to say. November is pretty much going to go down as one of the worst months of running I’ve had since plagued with injuries last spring.

We had daughter’s birthday party today. She insisted on decorating her cake and she did a fantastic job.


And now I sit down to enjoy a piece of that cake with a warm cup of tea.


High Tea.

It’s the final day of my thirties; a day to reflect on a decade that had its fair share of good times, mingled with a few bad and ugly times. But that is life, isn’t it? Life is hard sometimes. It hurts like a sonofabitch but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. That has definitely been my motto these past ten years.

Yesterday my husband surprised me with a date at high tea with my daughter. It was absolutely lovely. She got all dressed up in a tartan dress and clutched her matching purse so tight her hands almost turned white.

After we were seated she presented me with a birthday card.


And then she have me a little white box that had this inside:


I joked with my husband that my Pandora bracelet needed a new charm to commemorate my birthday. He obviously took the hint.

It was an absolutely lovely afternoon, one I won’t soon forget. My daughter felt so special and so grown up. She asked that we do this every year. I can’t think of a better tradition to start.