Ten Thoughts Tuesday.

Day 25. National Blog Posting Month.

1. One month until Christmas. Yay!

2. My right knee aches a bit. This better not be the start of something.

3. I’m hungry.

4. English breakfast tea tastes so much better in my new fancy mug.


5. My 6-year-old looks like a hockey player this morning.


7. Waiting 48 hours for a patient’s test result is slow torture.

8. I’m still on the wagon, so to speak, and am very proud of myself.

9. I am so proud of my 3.5-year-old boy. He wrote his name for the first time and is wearing big boy underwear to preschool today. Apparently he’s been dry at school for a few weeks now, it’s just his lazy parents preventing him from being completely toilet trained. Oops.


10. My knee hurts.

Happy Day!

My eldest is growing up too fast.  I still remember the day when she was 6 months old and cut her first tooth.

Today that first tooth fell out.

She was at her grandmother’s for the weekend and we got a phone call on Saturday. She called to tell us that her tooth got really wiggley!  “Mommy, mommy it’s way more wiggilier!”  She was so excited!!!  When she came home she proudly showed us how loose it was.  During dinner (macaroni and cheese), she kept biting on the tooth and it hurt and would bleed and she was so freaked out by it.  I considered just yanking it right then and there but I didn’t.

Then, this morning, she showed us just how much looser it was and I thought for sure we should yank it.  Husband said no.  Let it fall out on its own. So, on the school playground today, as we were saying goodbye, she put the straps of her backpack in her mouth to do something with her hands and boom!  “Mommy, Mommy, MOMMY MY TOOTH FELL OUT!!!!!”

Half the playground heard her!  She was laughing and crying at the same time.  I squealed in delight and got a bit weepy.  Together we ran back to show Daddy the tooth.  She didn’t even care that her gum was bleeding. What a trooper!!


firsttooth 2 firsttooth2 2

Now for the next obvious question.  What’s the going rate for the tooth fairy these days??

Preparing for the Tooth Fairy.

I have never posted twice in one day, let alone thrice!

Well, the second post of the day was a re-blogged post, but I digress.

The reason for the third post today???

My firstborn is growing up!!

After brushing her teeth she told me she could feel something rough with her tongue behind her bottom center tooth.  So, I looked and was shocked to see her adult tooth poking through the gum.  Then I pushed on the baby tooth in front of it, and sure enough, it’s loose.

Just a few weeks ago, she was asking us when she’d lose her first tooth as she has several friends in her class who have lost teeth.  We told her it would happen when her tooth was ready.

And golly, it’s ready.

The only concern I have is the location of the adult tooth – it’s coming up behind the milk tooth.  Is that even normal?!?  I’m afraid the amount of dentistry I learned in medical school was, well, minimal would be an understatement.

If there are any dentists out there, should I worry? Do we need to do anything?