Wine is the Answer.

I am a bad blogger.

Recently I’ve had several new followers and I feel compelled to start writing again to earn that follow-ship.  Yes, I clearly just made up that word.

I have no excuse for not writing other than the fact that I work two jobs, have 3 kids and elderly parents and am currently having the life sucked out of me by all of that.  But really,  I shouldn’t complain.  My immediate circle – my kids and my husband – are healthy and generally pretty happy, I like to think.  My daughter is thrilled to be making slime to share and trade with her friends.  My almost-7 year old has learned how to ride his bike with no training wheels and has started swimming lessons.  And the 4.5 year old is just … well, he’s happy tumbling around and being himself.

I, however, am overwhelmed.  950 patients in my family practice, a second job at a private health care clinic which is more demanding that I thought it would be, and an elderly declining father who has be move into a retirement facility because he is “too healthy” for a government long-term-care facility but not safe enough to continue to stay at home.  The decision to move him comes right before his 83rd birthday and 50th (FIFTY YEARS!) wedding anniversary.  It is not how I thought we’d be celebrating.

And to top it all off, I feel like I am not present for my kids enough and when I am I am often tired, frustrated and giving them shit for being kids.


Good times.

But I think I have a solution…





Woe is the Knee.

My knee is buggered. I’m pretty sure I have a case of patellofemoral pain syndrome. Jesus. I sound like a broken record.

I felt great after my 10km achievement last week. I didn’t run for 4 days. Earlier this week, on my day off, husband and I took all the kids to an amusement park and we all had the best time. It was a long day of walking and ended near dusk with me having to carry my 35 lb 3-year-old who was exhausted. The next day my legs felt tired, heck my entire body was tired, but I ran home from the office anyway. That was 5.75km and shortly after the 2.5km mark I realized just how tired I was and had to shorten my run:walk intervals to make it home. I felt blah about that run so last night I decided to go out again. I could feel a nagging ache in my right knee from the get go but I pushed on. Did 4 km and changed things up a bit. Firstly, I turned off the coaching feature and ran with no music. Secondly, I ran the first kilometer steady, the second kilometer intervals, the third kilometer steady run again and finished the 4 km with an interval.

I woke up this morning with a throbbing knee that got really mad at me when I walked down the stairs. Pain in the front of my knee right under the knee cap. It aches when I sit with the knee bent at 90 degrees (the theater sign).

We leave for our annual summer cottage getaway this weekend. I was planning on getting a few runs in. Clearly that is not going to happen. I must rest the knee and strengthen my quads and glutes.

In the meantime, there is always wine.



Lazy Sunday.

Day 19 – January Daily Blog Posting Month


Had a wonderful evening with my girlfriends last night.  My husband cooked us up some fabulous pasta – a sweet vegetarian marinara and a spicy italian sausage marinara.  So, so, so good!!!!


And of course, there was wine.


And then this…

Photo on 14-01-19 at 10.16 AM #2

Wake me when it’s Monday, k?

EtoH, QD & PRN.

Day 11 – January Daily Blog Posting Month

I needed some inspiration today, so off to Pinterest I went and found me this little gem.

For those not in the know:

  • EtOH is ethanol, which is alcohol
  • QD is Latin (quaque die), or every day
  • PRN is Latin (pro re nata), or as needed

I may have said this before, but I do enjoy wine.  I kind of grew into my taste for wine.  I used to only drink the sweeter reds and you couldn’t get me to touch a glass of white.  Ew!  But like a fine wine, one does get  better with age and my tastes have certainly matured.  I prefer my reds on the drier side these days.  I am no wine aficionado, but I do know what I like and what I don’t like.

Over the years, my husband has also discovered his love for wine and has done extensive reading and even started his own wine blog which sadly has fallen by the wayside.  I keep telling him to get back to it, but his modular synthesizer is occupying his time these days.  Anyway, we have amassed a nice collection of wine which is being stored in a closet under the basement stairs.  I would love to have a proper wine cellar but for now the “wine closet” will have to do. There is my 40th birthday wine a 2005 Mission Hill Oculus from British Columbia.  My husband’s 40th birthday wine was a 2004 Alion.  His 40th was last year.  Sadly, my pregnancy got in the way and we didn’t open it. Perhaps we will for his 41st?

In any event, I like drinking wine and I like buying it!  Our “everyday” wine supply was suddenly depleted (I have no idea how that happened!), so the other day we went to the liquor store and stocked up.

So, I’m curious.  What do my readers drink?  Tell me about your favorites. I am always on the look out for new wines to try.

Suck It Up, Buttercup!

Day 28. National Blog Posting Month.

So, the other day, (was it yesterday?) I talked about sleep.  If I were to take a self photograph right now, this is what I’d look like:

I am freakin’ tired.  Baby J is sleeping in his crib now.  I put him down at 6pm when the older two kids went to bed.  Baby slept from 6-9:30pm.  I could have slept then too, but let’s be realistic, it was dinnertime and I made a pretty amazing meat sauce for penne (photo is not mine) and husband found a highly rated wine at a great price, so there was no way I was going to miss out!  The wine was so good, he went out today and bought another three bottles.

At the 9:30pm wake up, I fed the baby, changed him and put him back to bed.  Then I went to bed and fell asleep around 10:30pm.  Baby was up at 1:30am for a feed;  then 3:30am for a soother placement; then 4:45am for a feed and finally 6:15 am for a soother placement.  Husband got up for that last soother placement while I slept.  An hour later, the older two kids were awake.  I couldn’t physically get out of bed, I was so tired, so husband got them dressed and fed and I slept until 8:20am.

We spent the morning shopping while the kids were in school.  I tried to nap this afternoon but it just wasn’t happening. I feel like I am a walking zombie.  I know I could get a can of formula and have husband do a nighttime feed but I am just not there yet.  I lent the breast pump to my girlfriend who needs it more than I do and frankly, I am relieved it’s not in the house.  I had to pump with my eldest and it was a nightmare.  I still have some mild PTSD from that experience and have no desire to ever pump again.  So, until baby is on a bottle (which will likely happen about a month before I go back to work), I am just going to have to …

Oh, did I mention we bought a lovely sheet set and comforter today?  I can’t wait to go to bed!!!

A Mishmash.

Day 17. National Blog Posting Month.

I don’t know what this post is going to be about – I am just starting to write and will see where it takes me. Hold on, folks!!

Yesterday I went for my 3rd run.  The aim was 3km.  I tuck my phone in my pocket with the GPS running but the only voice prompts I get are the minutes elapsed, so I have no idea how far I’m going.  Based on my 2nd run which was 2.72 km, I went the same route initially, then a bit further in order to try to make 3 km.  My first interval was 3:1 (run/walk).  It felt good.  But then the shins started burning.  I was forced to scale back to 2:2 intervals.  By the time I made it home the burn was constant.  When I looked at my GPS tracker it said 2.9km.  Dammit!!  So close!!


I took the kids to visit their great-grandmother in the nursing home.  It was a very nice visit – the older two are always happy to go because they know they’re going to get treats (ie. little mint candies that my aunt leaves for my grandmother).  There’s also a vending machine there and the toddler just about loses his shit watching the mechanical arm catch the bottle of apple juice. It’s really quite funny.  My grandmother always has some gem to relate to me about the baby — his ears have to be covered or he’ll catch a cold; I shouldn’t carry him in such-and-such a way or it’ll stunt his growth.  I really have to bite my tongue with her, but she’s old and stubborn and has Alzheimer’s so I just let her talk.  I love seeing her with the kids though, she laughs and smiles. Sadly, I don’t remember her being that happy when I was growing up.


I think I mentioned previously that I waste a lot of time on Pinterest.  Mostly I browse through Geek, Health & Fitness, Quotes, and Humor.  Recently there’s been a few pins that I thought I’d share here, because they speak to me on many levels.


My daughter to her little brothers.

I’m not the pushover some people think I am.

I love how far we’ve come in such a short period of time.

You know who you are.

And last, but not least …


Looking ahead to 2013.

On this last day of 2012, I ran 7.19 km.  It was the farthest I’ve ever run.  I did it in 54 minutes and 14 seconds.  I surprised myself.  The thought of running 10 kilometers 6 months ago?  Yeah… riiiight.   Yet, I find myself approaching that goal and I’m not even sure how it happened.  Which leads me to the title and subject of this post.

My goals/wishes/bucketlist for 2013.

  • good health for my husband and children, and the rest of my family
  • keep running … to 10 km (and beyond?)
  • enjoy more wine
  • keep my patient population as healthy as possible
  • read more novels
  • watch more good movies
  • laugh more, cry less
  • travel more
  • see my friends more
  • celebrate my husband’s 40th in style!
  • read all my medical journals the week they arrive
  • celebrate the 10 years since med school graduation (hopefully with the rest of my class!)
  • write more posts than last year
  • spend more time with my children and husband

Doable, yes?

Happy New Year, everyone!!!  What’s on your list?

Guess who hijacked my dinner?

The other night, I bought a  wonderfully cheap bottle of wine to try before my monthly wine club night.  Ogio Primitive Puglio IGT, 2010.   For $8.90, it is a fantastic bottle of wine.  So fantastic, in fact, that I plan on picking up several more to keep on hand as my “house wine”.

My husband and I have been trying to eat healthy during the week with salads and light dinners but last night I really wanted a steak, so I stopped by the local butcher and picked up a great rib eye.  I was really looking forward to having a glass of that Primitivo with dinner.   I put son to bed quite easily, but daughter had had a nap so she wasn’t quite ready for bed until 7:30pm.  We read some books, brushed her teeth, and I tucked her in.  Husband went up to tell her a final bedtime story while I prepared some vegetables and mashed the potatoes.  About 8:10pm, husband comes back to the kitchen and starts cooking the steak.  I prepared the table in the basement, got our wine glasses ready, turned on Netflix and was starting to browse when I heard the distinct sound of daughter getting out of bed and stomping down the stairs.

I ran up from the basement in time to see her coming down the hallway into the kitchen, exclaiming, “What is Daddy cooking? It smells so yummy!”.  We told her it was a steak for mommy, then she proceeds to get a chair from the dining room, brings it into the kitchen to get a better look at the steak.  “I want some too. I’m hungry!”.

Really?  It’s no wonder, she didn’t want her dinner when it was offered to her two hours earlier.

So, rather than eat our steak dinner quietly in the basement, I set the dining room table and daughter joined us.  What ensued was a rather hilarious encounter.  She ate a few pieces of steak, “I don’t like the red part, mommy”.  “Daddy, where does steak come from?”.   “I want more corn.”  It was a wonderful half hour of non stop talking and questions.  Husband took some video while she showed us that she knows how to write numbers, which was a surprise to us.  We watched in awe as she meticulously wrote 1, 2, and 3.  She butchered the number 4, and forgot how to write 5, but then wrote a 7 , 8, 9 and a 10 (albeit, it was backwards).

(From left to right).  You can clearly see the backwards 10, the 9, the 3 and 8; then a proper 10, a 7 (under the 8), and then 1,2,3, n (supposed to be a 4) and 2 (supposed to be a 5).

As much as I love the peace and quiet at nighttime when the kids have gone to bed, it was pure joy to have had my steak dinner hijacked by my wonderful 3.5 year old.  I just hope it doesn’t happen every night!