Thursday Mishmash.

Woke up this morning to a very large blanket of snow.  The kids of course were just beside themselves with glee to look out the window and see nothing but a white winter wonderland. So excited were they that when I came down to breakfast their snow-pants, jackets and boots were lying on the floor all ready to go.  I called them, “Flat N” and “Flat J” and then explained how runners showcase their gear the night before a race. Like this:

Amidst the hustle and bustle of getting everyone ready this morning I was still coughing and my chest felt like it was on fire. So after we got everyone to school I went to the local clinic and had a chest x-ray.  I’m sure it’ll be negative but I’ve been coughing for almost five weeks and I’m getting sick of it, pardon the pun.  All three kids are sick and I’m pretty sure the baby (well, now a toddler) has an ear infection so husband is bringing him to the pediatrician this afternoon.

I’m sitting in my office now as patient after patient cancels their appointments today due to the inclement weather.  It really is quite pretty out there.  After I got the x-ray I walked into the local coffee shop (a Starbucks which normally I try to avoid) and got a Peppermint Mocha.  Holy good God in Heaven.  Pure joy.  There is something about peppermint and chocolate around the holiday season that gets me every time.

photo(27)I think I’m ready for a nap now.

Bitch, Bitch, Bitch.

Day 18. National Blog Posting Month.

I woke up today to cold feet.  They were mine and they were cold.  Our furnace is ancient and doesn’t warm the top floor of our house very well.  It really should be replaced but until it actually stops working, I’m not getting a new one.  So yeah it was cold this morning.  Like, -17°C cold.

Hello winter!

Everyone on my FB feed had something to say about the cold and none of it very good.

Come on, people! Are we gonna start the bitching and complaining already?  Three months ago, people were bitching about the heat wave.  We live in Canada. We have seasons. The temperature changes.  Deal with it.

I want to turn off my FB feed completely. I am just so done with the constant complaining. And the irony is not lost on me that I’m doing the same thing here. Complaining about the complainers.

So it’s cold. Suck it up, buttercup.  It’s November. In Canada. It’s cold.

End rant.

Training Begins

A few days ago I decided to give myself another challenge.

I am going to run 10km before going back to work on April 1.

In the past week, I have suddenly found this amazing groove where I can run non-stop for close to 40 minutes.  I don’t know where it came from but I am loving it.  My cardiovascular endurance has improved so much in the past two years, even with the pregnancy.  To think I could barely run a minute or two before getting completely winded.  Now, the only thing that hurts when I run for 30+ minutes are my legs, not my lungs.

So, when I ran that 5km non-stop last week it gave me the desire to run more, to run longer.  I consulted with some of my friends and acquaintances who run and they directed me to a few websites where I could pick up some tips on training for 10 km.

Most of my friends run races and have always asked me to sign up.  I just don’t have that desire to run a race.  I don’t need that kind of specific endpoint for my running.  I have the drive and determination to run because I like the way it makes me feel and I like the changes it makes to my body.  I just don’t need to accumulate race medals.  What I do need is an outlet to exorcise my demons and my stresses. And that is what running does for me.

So, my official unofficial non-race related 10km training program begins.

Wednesdays I designated as hill training, but today Mother Nature had other plans and dumped about 20 cm (~6 inches) of snow.  It’s been snowing for almost 12 hours non-stop.  I spent the morning deciding if I was going to run.  I decided I had to, because if I can run in snow, I can run in anything.

It wasn’t a long run, only 2 km, but I “ran” straight for 20 minutes.  I say, “ran”, because it wasn’t really running, what I was doing.  It was more like a knee-high workout.  By the end my calves and ankles were screaming in pain and my quadriceps were quivering.

And for most of the run, I couldn’t see my shoes.

I seriously hope this counted for hill training.


Welcome, February!


So, apparently today is Groundhog Day. Depending on who you trust, one groundhog says it’ll be an early spring, another says it’ll be a long winter. Really, what difference does it make?  Spring officially starts March 21st.  It might be cold that day, or not. I’ll still be off work so it’s all good to me.

Husband took daughter to the museum today to show her the gemstones and minerals.  I am home with the two boys, one of whom just woke up from his nap and demanded a cookie.  The baby had an epic 2.5 hour nap this morning, woke up about an hour ago and is back down for another nap. Laundry is washing, the first of oh, about 20 loads today.  Ugh.

That’s the one thing I didn’t anticipate having three kids – the sheer volume of clothes I’d be washing.  I feel like I’m in the middle of this:

Is it wine o’clock yet?

Just a little cray-cray.

Day 22 – January Daily Blog Posting Month

It’s -17°C today and I went out for a run.

I had to. The muffin top was out of control today.

We took the kids to the Mandarin last night. They love that place, all the food and dessert at their fingertips. But let’s be frank, it’s not at all healthy for you. There’s too much salt and most of it is fried.

So today I had to run. And I’m so glad I did. It wasn’t far or long, 3.15 km in just under 25 minutes. But psychologically it was good for me. The frigid air and bright sunshine, ah, so so good.

It’s Coldmageddon!

Day 7 – January Daily Blog Posting Month

I spent the day with my girlfriend, the one who had a little girl a few weeks after I had baby J.  It was lovely, as always, and yes, we watched a few episodes of Veronica Mars.  It was a lazy day, partly because we planned it that way and also because of the frigid temperature outside.

Last night, the temperature plummeted to -27°C and with the windchill it was close to -40°C!  There have been ice quakes in recent days.  Oh, you don’t know what an ice quake is?  Ha! Neither did I! Apparently when the ground water freezes it shifts and expands and… then something happens and a loud bang is heard.  Been hearing a lot of those lately.  Yes, it’s that cold. It’s the kind of cold that goes through you straight into your bones.  Skin can freeze within 5 minutes, or so they say.  I’m not about to test that theory out.

I briefly considered a run.  Nah, not really.

My brother is in Florida.  Lucky bastard! I have been sending him screen shots of the local weather, while he sends me pictures of the beach.  He was due to come home today but decided to change his flight as the airport is apparently a nightmare today because the baggage guys can’t be outside for more than 10 minutes at a time, hence it could be days before he gets his baggage.  My brother is not one to wait days for his baggage claim.

The strange thing though is that this bitter cold isn’t expected to last.  I hear it’s going above zero on the weekend.  How is it that the temperature can change that much over the course of a few days?  Is this the beginning of a major shift in the Earth’s temperature?  Like what was depicted in the movie, “The Day After Tomorrow“?  Are we headed for the next ice age?

Nah…it’s just a cold winter.

Settle down folks.  I jest.

An Update and Another Challenge.

I miss posting every day.  Really, I do.

When National Blog Posting Month ended, I breathed a silent sigh of relief.  Phew! The daily pressure to post every day was off.  I looked forward to that time alone to compose my thoughts and write a post.  I miss it so much that I think I might make January, 2014 my own blog posting month.  You heard it here first.  It gives me something to do every day, you know, besides taking care of the house, the kids and the baby.  It stimulates my mind and I really do need that.

I promised someone I would write about sleep training, and I will.  If there are any other topics my readers, you, would like me to write about, please let me know.

Oh, I have some news.  In the last week or so, I decided that it was too soon to return to work on March 1.  So, I spoke with the physician covering my practice and she is willing to stay an extra month.  My official return to work date is now April 1.  The thought of returning to work in 2 months just didn’t sit well with me, the baby still seems so young.  I also like the idea that I’ll be leaving my husband alone with three kids as the weather starts to improve.  Leaving him when it’s still winter just doesn’t seem fair.  My bank account isn’t going to like it, but I really don’t care.  This is the last time I will be off for this length of time and I want to make the most of it.  I am even dreaming of a trip South with the whole crew in February or March.  I would love to return to Jamaica.  But that’s another post.

For now, I will leave you with a photograph depicting what it looks like outside today.

And this is what I’m dreaming of for February or March.

Dreaming of the Beach …

My FB feed today is full of comments about the weather.  It’s a snowy, slushy mess today.  It’s February, for heaven’s sake, what do people expect??

Hubby said this would be the perfect week to have gone south.  I reminded him that indeed, 5 years ago this week, we were in Negril, Jamaica on our honeymoon.

Ah… Negril.

We stayed at CoCo La Palm on the seven-mile beach.

Heaven.  It was pure heaven.

I have been wanting to go back ever since we left.  The locals were incredibly friendly, we loved how everyone was on “Jamaica time”.  We’d order a Red Stripe and maybe it would arrive a half-hour later.  So we quickly learned to order several at a time (ha!) so we were well stocked.

As I look out my office window today, the snow and slush make me want to get on a plane right now with the family and hit that beautiful beach again.

I think I am ready for winter to be over.  We’ve had our fair share of snow and sleet.  I want to see my tulips sprouting.  I’d like to put my boots away.  It’s time.